Volume 3 The Blog

Volume 3 The Blog
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Slowly getting the hang of this.  The comments have been…well they have been.  I do want to thank everyone who has left a comment, like my blog or just reacted to it!  You got to start somewhere!

If you have gotten to my 3rd blog congratulations!  How do you think I feel?  We will get through this together…well maybe not together… I am writing and you are reading.  I at one point hired someone else to write my blog for me.  I found it was flat and lacked… well me!  How can someone that has not ever done property management or been to Lafayette, Indiana ever write about these things with real knowledge?

Today as I am writing this the leaves are falling, and the temp is in the 50s.  It is not cold, but it is perfect firepit weather.  Oh, how I love sitting in front of a nice cozy fire outside wrapped in a blanket gathered with friends.

It is a perfect time to make sure your furnace is working, and you change your filter in preparation for winter.

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